Beakr Flåsk Premium Beard Oil 1 oz.
Beakr Flåsk Premium Beard Oil 1 oz.
Beakr Flåsk Premium Beard Oil 1 oz.
Beakr Flåsk Premium Beard Oil 1 oz.
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Beakr Flåsk Premium Beard Oil 1 oz.

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Flåsk gives your beard a bold personality all its own. Exotic fragrance, lustrous shine, and healthy skin underneath.

We infused Flåsk Beard Oil with soothing extracts and alluring fragrances. Saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, grapefruit and cedar to name a few. Together they comprise an exotic aroma that evokes fond memories, but remains inexplicable. We've tried describing it but it smells different on every person. That's part of the appeal; the scent will always be uniquely you.

Our custom blend keeps your skin soft and supports healthy beard growth. Avocado oil and Vitamin E enliven your skin and beard with beneficial nutrients. Black Tea, Almond, and Orange extracts help calm irritated dry skin. These ingredients form a beard oil that's light, less greasy, and delivers excellent results for furry faces.

If your beard has been feeling boring, massage some Flåsk into it and enjoy exotic, non-greasy beard pleasure.


  • Non Greasy proprietary formula delivers moisture to dry beards and faces
  • Exotic long-lasting fragrance sure to turn some noses
  • Irritation reducing extracts help to soothe angry skin
  • Opaque bottle design prevents UV rays from deteriorating product
  • Scientifically developed to remove personal bias and deliver results; not internet "wisdom"
  • No B.S. marketing respects your intelligence and maintains ethical integrity.